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Pollution Control

Pollution due to local bodies on the banks

All sewage canals leading to the river has to be closed. Direct waste dumping into the river should be stopped with the help of instruction boards and awareness programmers. No farming inside the river and on close bank areas should be allowed. Incoming sources of fertilizers and pesticides into the river should be pre vented. No slaughter house and market place on the river bank should be permitted. Brick choolas and brick making on the river banks must be prohibited.

Pollution due to industrial installations

All unauthorized effluent outlets into the river should be closed. Untreated ad partially treated effluent should be allowed to either into the river basin. All authorized out lets from the factories into the river should be marked. Close the factories without appropriate and functional treatment plants. No wastewater discharge from the factories should be allowed into the river Dumping of any solid waste into the river from industries should be prohibited.

Prevention of Salinity incursion

Scientifically operated regulator cum bund should be constructed above the industrial area to prevent saline water incursion during summer months.

Other Action Plan Programmes

  • 1.

    Establish pollution monitoring centers at the industrial area, upstream and downstream.

  • 2.

    Analytical lab and a monitoring center should be maintained at the industrial area.

  • 3.

    Establish a river protection force

  • 4.

    Planting of trees and riverine plants on the banks for the bank protection

  • 5.

    Sand mining should be controlled

  • 6.

    Grow indigenous fish species in the river

  • 7.

    Establish bathing ghats in the river

  • 8.

    Conduct public awareness programs

  • 9.

    River management fund should be used for the protection of the river.

  • 10.

    Establish sewage treatment plant to local bodies

  • 11.

    Establish toilet facilities with septic tanks on the river banks

  • 12.

    Construction of check dams and dams in the river should be prohibited

  • 13.

    Establish a river authority and a river board for Periyar.

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