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Sockets for memory card


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    Device design

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    Contact failure may result if dust or dirt

enters the contact section. Please take appropriate measures when designing the device to prevent this from happening, for example by adding a cover. 2) To ensure smooth insertion and removal of cards, please design the chassis so that no force is applied to the metal shell on top of the socket. If a force is present that pushes down on the metal shell, the card will be pressed, which might prevent ejection. 3) Please provide a guide or similar to keep the socket from having force applied to it when inserting and removing.

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    Card jump-out prevention function

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    This socket has a card jump-out

prevention function that works under defined conditions. However, we strongly recommend that you instruct users to carefully handle the product to avoid accidents due to improper use or product liability risks. 2) The life of the card jump-out prevention function is not guaranteed under the following conditions: (1) while the card is inserted incompletely, (2) while the card is inserted in the wrong direction, and (3) after the card is inserted in the wrong direction 3) In order to prevent card jump-out, resistance has been added that affects card insertion and removal. Therefore, you will feel resistance when inserting and removing the card. This is normal.

10. Others If you coat the PC board after soldering for insulation and to prevent wear, make sure that the coating does not adhere to the connector.

For other details, please verify with the product specification sheets.


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