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TEAM CHAPTER PRESENTATIONS OBJECTIVES Team Presentation Time: 15 Minutes per Team Objectives:

  • 1.

    Study, organize, and disseminate information to your peers

  • 2.

    Learn to effectively organize and outline an informative presentation

  • 3.

    Develop and improve communication skills

  • 4.

    Practice Team Presentation Skills

  • 5.

    Learn how to use PowerPoint and Incorporate it into a presentation

  • 6.

    Teach class members, and involve them in active learning


Outlining and Organizing Your Information: You will gather material from the assigned chapter(s), organize, synthesize, and summarize it into a clear, concise, coherent presentation. Your goal is to teach the class about your chapter and actively involve the class in a learning opportunity. You will outline the information from you chapter(s) in a specific outlining format. Please refer to the 5 accompanying Outlining Handouts. Your Team will have one overall preparation outline for the entire presentation, and each team member will have his of her own speaking outline using the same outlining format and visual framework as the preparation outline. You will share the wealth in the team and allow each team member equal participation in the preparation and presentation of the team project.

PowerPoint: You will use PowerPoint in your presentation to help organize and clarify your ideas. You can use handouts, and other supplemental materials. Your PowerPoint Presentation is worth a total of 20 points. Your PowerPoint presentation will be evaluated on Usage, Content, Organization, and Integration into Presentation.

What to consider when creating your presentation:

  • 1.

    Have you given appropriate consideration to your use of color? (Text & background)

  • 2.

    Have you chosen a visible font?

  • 3.

    Is punctuation and capitalization consistent throughout your slides?

  • 4.

    Have you created clear, effective slides?

  • 5.

    Will the projected image be visible for the entire class?

  • 6.

    Do your slides focus on single ideas and convey that information effectively?

  • 7.

    Are things spelled and punctuated properly?

  • 8.

    Have you included a blank ending slide to avoid the bright screen after your last slide?

  • 9.

    Is any part of your presentation distracting to your audience? Sounds? Colors? Text?

The Team Chapter Presentation is worth 40 points. Your Team Presentation will be evaluated using the following criteria: Introduction, Content & Organization, Group Cohesion, Delivery, and Overall Effectiveness. Remember that the Team Presentations are in place of Tests over the chapter materials. I expect you to put as much time as preparing for a test, if not more, into preparing for your presentations to our class.

It is imperative that you involve your audience in the learning process. You can do this in many ways -- asking questions, you may include a discussion and/or activity into your presentation. Be creative, have fun, and demonstrate your sincere desire to communicate with your audience!!! Make a connection with your audience. You will have three opportunities to present in Teams:

Team Presentation 1:

_____________________________ (Chapter), __________________ (Date)

Team Presentation 2:

_____________________________ (Chapter), __________________ (Date)

Team Presentation 3:

_____________________________ (Chapter), __________________ (Date)

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