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Clearwater Oil Company, Ltd.

Big Bear Lease No. 2 Production Facility

SAMPLE Spill Prevention, Control, and

Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan





Lester Pearson

Vice-President of Operations

Clearwater Oil Co.


13000 Main Street, Suite 400

Houston, TX 77077

Carol Campbell

Regional Director of Operations

Clearwater Oil Co.

(405) 831-6320 (office)

(405) 831-2262 (cell)

2451 Mountain Drive

Ridgeview, LA 70180

Bill Laurier

Field Operations Manager

Clearwater Oil Co.

(405) 831-6322 (office)

(405) 829-4051 (cell)

2451 Mountain Drive

Ridgeview, LA 70180

Joe Clark

Field Supervisor

Avonlea Services, Inc.

(406) 545-2285 (office)

(406) 549-9087 (cell)

786 Cherry Creek Road

Avonlea, LA 70180

William Mackenzie


Avonlea Services, Inc.

(406) 549-9087 (cell)

786 Cherry Creek Road

Avonlea, LA 70180

1.3Facility Layout Diagram

Appendix A, at the end of this Plan, shows a general site plan for the facility. The site plan shows the site topography and the location of the facility relative to waterways, roads, and inhabited areas.  Appendix A also includes a detailed facility diagram that shows the wells, flowlines, tank battery, and transfer areas for the facility. The diagram shows the location, capacity, and contents of all oil storage containers greater than 55 gallons in capacity.

1.4Facility Location and Operations

Clearwater owns and operates the Big Bear Lease No. 2 production facility, which is located approximately six miles north of Madison, St. Anthony Parish, Louisiana (see Figure A-1 in Appendix A). The site is accessed through a private dirt/gravel road off Route 417.

As illustrated in Figure A-2 in Appendix A, the facility is comprised of five main areas: Well A, Well B, the saltwater disposal well, flowlines, and a tank battery. The tank battery includes three 400-barrel (bbl) oil storage tanks, one 500-bbl produced water tank, one 500-bbl gun barrel, and associated flowlines and piping.

The production facility is generally unmanned. Clearwater's field office is located 25 miles from the site, at 2541 Mountain Drive, Ridgeview, Louisiana. Field operations personnel from Clearwater, or pumpers acting as contractors to Clearwater visit the facility daily (2-4 hours each day) to record production rates and ensure the proper functioning of wellhead equipment and pumpjacks, storage tanks, flowlines, and separation vessels. This includes performing equipment inspections and maintenance as needed.

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