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Clearwater Oil Company, Ltd.

Big Bear Lease No. 2 Production Facility

SAMPLE Spill Prevention, Control, and

Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan


40 CFR 112.7

2.1Discharge Discovery and Reporting [112.7(a)(3)]

Several individuals and organizations must be contacted in the event of an oil discharge. The Field Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that all required discharge notifications have been made. All discharges should be reported to the Field Operations Manager. The summary table included in Appendix F to this SPCC Plan provides a list of agencies to be contacted under different circumstances. Discharges would typically be discovered during the inspections conducted at the facility in accordance with procedures set forth in Section 3.4.1 of this SPCC Plan, Table 3-3 and Table 3-4, and on the checklist of Appendix C. The Form included in Appendix F of this Plan summarizes the information that must be provided when reporting a discharge, including contact lists and phone numbers.

2.1.1Verbal Notification Requirements (Local, State, and Federal (40 CFR part 110))

Any unauthorized discharge into air, land or water must be reported immediately to the State Police and the Emergency Planning Commission as soon as the discharge is detected.

For any discharge that reaches navigable waters, or threatens to reach navigable waters, immediate notification must be made to the National Response Center Hotline (800-424-8802) and to the Environmental Protection Agency.

In the event of a discharge that threatens to result in an emergency condition, facility field personnel must verbally notify the Louisiana Emergency Hazardous Materials Hotline (225-925-6595) immediately, and in no case later than within one (1) hour of the discovery of the discharge. An emergency condition is any condition that could reasonably be expected to endanger the health and safety of the public; cause significant adverse impact to the land, water, or air environment; or cause severe damage to property. This notification must be made regardless of the amount of the discharge.

In the event of a discharge that does not present an emergency situation, verbal notification must be made to the Office of Environmental Compliance (by telephone at 225-763-3908 during office hours or 225-342-1234 after hours, weekends, and holidays; or by e-mail utilizing the Incident Report Form and procedures found at www.deq.state.la.us/surveillance) within twenty-four (24) hours of the discovery of the discharge.

2.1.2Written Notification Requirements (State and Federal (40 CFR part 112))

A written notification will be made to EPA for any single discharge of oil to a navigable waters or adjoining shoreline waterway of more than 1,000 gallons, or for two discharges of 1 bbl (42 gallons) of oil to a waterway in any 12-month period. This written notification must be made within 60 days of the qualifying discharge, and a copy will be sent to the Louisiana Department


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