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Clearwater Oil Company, Ltd.

Big Bear Lease No. 2 Production Facility

SAMPLE Spill Prevention, Control, and

Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan


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2.3Spill Mitigation Procedures

Reminder: In the event of a discharge originating from Flowline A or Flowline B, facility personnel must immediately implement the Oil Spill Contingency Plan. The Oil Spill Contingency Plan discusses the additional procedures that must be followed to respond to a discharge of oil to navigable waters or adjoining shorelines.

The following is a summary of actions that must be taken in the event of a discharge. It summarizes the distribution of responsibilities among individuals and describes procedures to follow in the event of a discharge.

A complete outline of actions to be performed in the event of a discharge from flowlines reaching or threatening to reach navigable waters is included in the facility Contingency Plan (see Appendix I of this SPCC Plan).

In the event of a discharge, Clearwater or contractor field personnel and the Field Operations Manager shall be responsible for the following:

2.3.1Shut Off Ignition Sources

Field personnel must shut off all ignition sources, including motors, electrical circuits, and open flames. See Appendix G for more information about shut-off procedures.

2.3.2Stop Oil Flow

Field personnel should determine the source of the discharge, and if safe to do so, immediately shut off the source of the discharge. Shut in the well(s) if necessary.

2.3.3Stop the Spread of Oil and Call the Field Operations Manager

If safe to do so, field personnel must use resources available at the facility (see spill response material and equipment listed in Section 2.2) to stop the spilled material from spreading. Measures that may be implemented, depending on the location and size of the discharge, include placing sorbent material or other barriers in the path of the discharge (e.g., sand bags), or constructing earthen berms or trenches.


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