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Clearwater Oil Company, Ltd.

Big Bear Lease No. 2 Production Facility

SAMPLE Spill Prevention, Control, and

Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan

3.2.1Oil Production Facility Drainage [112.9(b)]

Facility drainage in the production/separation area but outside containment berms is designed to flow into drainage ditches located on the eastern and southern boundaries of the site. These ditches usually run dry. The ditches are visually examined by facility personnel on a daily basis during routine facility rounds, during formal monthly inspections, and after rain events, to detect any discoloration or staining that would indicate the presence of oil from small leaks within the facility. Any accumulation of oil is promptly removed and disposed off site. Formal monthly inspections are documented.

Discharges from ASTs are restrained by the secondary containment berm, as described in Section 3.2.2 of this Plan. Discharges occurring during transfer operations will be contained at each well by the rock pad or will flow into the drainage ditch located at the facility.

3.2.2Secondary Containment for Bulk Storage Containers [112.9(c)(2)]

In order to further minimize the potential for a discharge to navigable waters, bulk storage containers such as all tank battery, separation, and treating equipment are placed inside a 2.5-ft tall earthen berm (fire wall). The berm capacity exceeds the SPCC and Louisiana requirements. It provides secondary containment sufficient for the size of the largest tank, plus at least 1 ft of freeboard to contain precipitation. This secondary containment capacity is equivalent to 173 percent of the capacity of the largest tank within the containment area (500 barrels) and exceeds the 10 percent freeboard recommended by API for firewalls around production tanks (API-12R1). The amount of freeboard also exceeds the amount of precipitation anticipated at this facility, which is estimated to average 3.5 inches for a 24-hour, 25-year storm, based on data from the nearby Ridgeview Regional Airport. Details of the berm capacity calculation are provided in Table 3-2.

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