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Clearwater Oil Company, Ltd.

Big Bear Lease No. 2 Production Facility

SAMPLE Spill Prevention, Control, and

Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan


All safety devices are tested quarterly by a third party inspector. The tests are recorded and the results are maintained with this Plan at Clearwater’s field office. Testing of the safety devices is conducted in accordance with guidelines API RP-14C published by the American Petroleum Institute, or in accordance with instructions from the device’s manufacturer. Written test procedures are kept at the offices of the third party testing company and are available upon request.

Twice a year, facility personnel drive to the pre-established response staging areas located at three different points along Big Bear Creek (see Oil Spill Contingency Plan in Appendix I) to ensure that the dirt/gravel roads are accessible using field vehicles and that the Oil Spill Contingency Plan can be implemented in the event of a discharge from flowlines reaching the Creek.

Table 3-4: Scope of monthly inspections

Facility Area


Inspection Item

Tank Battery

Storage tanks

Leakage, gaskets, hatches

Tank liquid level checked

Tank welds in good condition

Vacuum vents

Overflow lines

Piping, valves, and bull plugs

Corrosion, paint condition

Pressure / level safety devices*

Emergency shut-down system(s)*

Pressure relief valves*


Berm and curbing

Presence of contaminated/stained soil

Excessive vegetation

Equipment protectors and signs

Engine drip pans and sumps

General housekeeping

Truck Loading

Offload lines, drip pans, valves, catchment berm

Valve closed and in good condition

Cap or bull plug at end of offload line/connection

Sign of oil or standing water in drip pan(s)

Sign of oil or standing water in catchment berm

Sign of oil in surrounding area

Production equipment

Gauges (pressure, temperature, and liquid level)

Pressure / level safety devices*

Emergency shut-down system(s)*

Pressure relief valves*

Wells (including saltwater disposal well)


Spills and leaks (e.g., stuffing box)

Equipment protectors and signs

General housekeeping


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