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Clearwater Oil Company, Ltd.

Big Bear Lease No. 2 Production Facility

SAMPLE Spill Prevention, Control, and

Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan

Agency / Organization

Agency Contact


When to Notify

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Environmental Compliance


or 225-342-1234 (after business hours, weekends and holidays)

Discharges that do not pose emergency conditions.

Within 24 hours of discovery (verbal).

Written notification within 7 working days.

Local Agencies

St. Anthony’s Parish Emergency Planning Committee


Any discharge of 100 lbs or more that occur beyond the boundaries of the facility, including to the air.

Immediately (verbal)

Written notification within 7 days.


Response/cleanup contractors

EZ Clean

(800) 521-3211

Armadillo Oil Removal Co.(214) 566-5588

Any discharge that exceeds the capacity of facility personnel to respond and cleanup.

As needed

Howard Fleming Farm (agricultural irrigation intake)

(405) 235-6893

Any discharge that threatens to affect neighboring properties and irrigation intakes.

As needed

The person reporting the discharge must provide the following information:

Name, location, organization, and telephone number;

Name and address of the owner/operator;

Date and time of the incident;

Location of the incident;

Source and cause of discharge;

Types of material(s) discharged;

Total quantity of materials discharged;

Quantity discharged in harmful quantity (to navigable waters or adjoining shorelines);

Danger or threat posed by the release or discharge;

Description of all affected media (e.g., water, soil);

Number and types of injuries (if any) and damaged caused;

Weather conditions;

Actions used to stop, remove, and mitigate effects of the discharge;

Whether an evacuation is needed;

Name of individuals and/or organizations contacted; and

Any other information that may help emergency personnel respond to the incident.

Whenever the facility discharges more than 1,000 gallons of oil in a single event, or discharges more than 42 gallons of oil in each of two discharge incidents within a 12-month period, the


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