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ReliaStar Life Insurance Company CERTIFICATE BOOKLET RIDER

Applicable to Montana Residents

The CLAIM PROCEDURES section of your group life insurance certificate is revised to add the following provision:

Benefit Payments Benefits under the Group Policy are paid when proof of loss is received.

For Life Insurance, benefits payable due to death will be paid within 60 days of the date ReliaStar Life receives proof of death. If payment is made after the first 30 days, ReliaStar Life will include interest from the 30th day until the date of payment. The interest rate will equal the greater of the following –

  • The discount rate on 90-day commercial paper in effect at the federal reserve bank in the ninth federal reserve district on the date proof of death is received.

  • ReliaStar Life’s minimum interest rate payable on death claims on the date proof of death is received.

The GENERAL PROVISIONS section of your group life insurance certificate is revised to add the following provisions:

The Group Policy also has a 2 year contestable period starting from the Effective Date of the Group Policy. After the Group Policy has been in force for 2 years from the Effective Date, ReliaStar Life can not contest the validity of the Group Policy except for nonpayment of premium.

Grace Period If a premium is not paid by its due date, ReliaStar Life allows 31 days from the due date in which to pay it. ReliaStar Life calls this the grace period. Full payment must be received by the 31st day. If ReliaStar Life receives payment during the grace period, coverage under the Group Policy stays in force. If ReliaStar Life receives written notice of termination during the grace period, premium payment is required for any period that coverage under the Group Policy was in force during the grace period.

Representations Not Warranties A copy of the Policyholder’s application, if any, is attached to the Group Policy. Unless fraudulent, all statements made by the Policyholder or by you are considered representations and not warranties. No statement can be used to void the Group Policy or be used in ReliaStar Life’s defense if ReliaStar Life refuses to pay a claim, unless a copy of the statement is furnished to the Policyholder, you or your beneficiary, as applicable.

Misstatement of Age If your (or your dependent’s, if your certificate includes Dependent’s Life Insurance) age is misstated, ReliaStar Life adjusts the premium according to the correct age. The amount of insurance provided is not affected.

Conformity with Montana Statutes The provisions of this certificate conform to the minimum requirements of Montana law and control over any conflicting statutes of any state in which you reside on or after the effective date of your coverage under the Group Policy.

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