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46 ‚óŹ Exploratory Workshop on the Social Impacts of Robotics

Daiwa Securities America Inc.

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also reduced could be fit

man-hours. The relative ease with which an industrial robot for a product design changed saved the time usually required

for retooling. The more effective use of the conveyor system made by the industrial robot,also contributed to enhanced productivity.



Stability and Improvement in Product Quality.

The super-human capacities of the industrial robots and their fidelity to human instruction led to a uniformity of products and hence made possible the stability and improvement of product quality. By working 24 hours the industrial robot eliminated the incidence of inferior or defective products which often occur during factory start-up operations. The quality variations which result from long hours or the differing abilities of operators were eliminated.


Improvement in Production Management.

Production management has improved for several reasons:

a) Reduction of inventory and in-process products as a result of

automation of small-batch and multi-product mixed-flow -line-production.

b) Reduction in set-up time and elimination of retooling the pro- duction line.

c) The durability and accuracy of industrial robots facilitated production planning.

d) Industrial robots reacting more elastically to production volume change reduced problems of manpower reallocation.

e) Industrial robots have helped to improve the quality of work life and led to greater employment stability. In addition, they have con- tributed to overcoming the skilled manpower shortage in such areas as welding and painting.

  • 4.

    “Humanization” of Working Life.

    • a)

      Industrial robots released humans from hazardous and unhealthy

working conditions preventing accidents and occupational diseases.

b) Industrial robots released humans from monotonous work and thus reduced psychological stress.

c) The man-robot-machine production system eliminated the psychological resistance to the conveyor system, and improved labor

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