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What matters from what you are reading? Think big question we are focusing on all semester. Think text to self connections.

How does it connect to what we are doing in class? Think text to text connections.

How it relates to our world around us? Think text to world connections.

You need to make sure you are answering these questions in your personal blog entries.  


One benefit of a Personal Learning Network is that people are able to hear what you have to say; in fact, they WANT to know your opinion. During the semester, you are required to formally present TWICE about your personal learning network and react to each others’ presentations on the presenter’s personal blog. Our presentations will take place every Friday. We will sign up for these presentations at the beginning of the semester.  Requirements of your presentations are:

Stand in the front of the class with your blog projected on the screen behind you

Present your blog entries

Talk about what you are reading, what matters from it, how does it connect to what we are doing in class, and how does it relate to the world around us?

Presentation must be organized- Use an organizational strategy to keep your presentation on track without reading from notes or the screen.

Make eye contact with audience

Must be creative and interesting

Time 2-3 minutes

You are not allowed to miss on your assigned presentation day!

Stand up straight

No fidgeting: keep arms and hands in good speaker positions

Practice, Practice, Practice- why? Because we are going to podcast your presentation for the world to hear.  


We will be doing this all semester long, repeating this process every week. I am asking you to reflect at least twice a week in your own personal blog, reflect on the presenter’s blog after their presentation as well as challenging yourself to think about the world and creating personal connections to it.

I hope that by the end of the semester you will have learned more than you ever thought possible. Remember, if you don’t participate in the conversations around you, you have no right to complain about the decisions.

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