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Ownership of Voting Shares (%)

Main Business


Precision cleaning service for HDD parts and clean room gar- ments, and sale of electronics materials and parts

100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 90.30 100.00 100.00 80.00

Sale of electronics materials and parts International trade of sulfur and sulfuric acid Investment in agricultural chemicals in Europe Manufacture and sale of polyvinyl chloride pipes Sale and trade of Aromatics Products Manufacturing and sale of companion animal health products Manufacturing, distribution, and sales of pet care products Production and sale of high purity silica powder

Technoclean Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)

Sumitronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) Interacid Trading S.A. (Switzerland) Summit Agro Europe Ltd. (U.K.) The Americas Cantex Inc. (U.S.) Summit Petrochemical Trading Inc. (U.S.) Summit VetPharm, LLC (U.S.) The Hartz Mountain Corporation (U.S.) (From June 2008) Tasmanian Advanced Minerals Pty. Ltd. (Australia) Europe Oceania

  • Mineral Resources & Energy Business Unit


LNG Japan Corporation Nusa Tenggara Mining Corporation

Osakagas Summit Resources Co., Ltd.

Enessance Holdings Co., Ltd. (From July 2008)

Summit CRM, Ltd.

50.00 74.28

Trading of LNG, investment and financing related to LNG business

Investment in and financing of the Batu Hijau copper/gold mine development project in Indonesia


Exploration, development, production and sale of and invest- ment in oil and natural gas


Planning strategy of LPG & home solution business, controlling its subsidiaries, and LPG wholesale


Trading of carbon-related materials (coke, etc.), refractories and ferrous raw materials

Asia Europe

Petro Summit Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) Appak LLP (Kazakhstan)

100.00 25.00

International trade of crude oil and petroleum products

Development of uranium mine in Kazakhstan and production/sale of uranium ore concentrates

SMM Cerro Verde Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands) Petro Summit Investment U.K. Limited (U.K.)

20.00 100.00

Investment in the Cerro Verde copper mine in Peru

Exploration, development, production and sale of and invest- ment in oil and natural gas in U.K. North Sea

The Americas Minera San Cristobal S.A. (Bolivia) Pacific Summit Energy LLC (U.S.) SC Minerals America, Inc. (U.S.)

35.00 100.00 100.00

Mining of San Cristobal silver, zinc and lead project in Bolivia Sale of natural gas

Investment in the Morenci copper mine, the Pogo gold mine in the U.S. and the Candelaria & Ojos del Salado copper mines in Chile



SC Mineral Resources Pty. Ltd. (Australia) Sumisho Coal Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia) Ambatovy Minerals S.A. (Madagascar) Dynatec Madagascar S.A. (Madagascar)

100.00 100.00

Investment in the Northparkes copper mine in Australia Investment in coal mines in Australia

    • 27.50

      Mining of Ambatovy nickel project in Madagascar

    • 27.50

      Prcocessing and refining of Ambatovy nickel project in

Oresteel Investments (Proprietary) Limited (South Africa)


Madagascar Investment in Assmang iron ore and manganese mine in South Africa

  • General Products & Real Estate Business Unit


Chiba Kyodo Silo Co., Ltd.

Harumi Corporation i879 Co., Ltd. IG Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Kishiwada Cancan Bayside Mall Corporation Nissin Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Reibi Corporation

  • S.

    C. Cement Co., Ltd.

  • S.

    C. Cement (Kyushu) Co., Ltd.

SC Foods Co., Ltd. SEVEN INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Shinko Sugar Co., Ltd. ST Agri-Products Corp. Sumifru Corporation Sumisho & Mitsuibussan Kenzai Co., Ltd. Sumisho Building Management Co., Ltd. Sumisho Paper Co., Ltd.


Operation of silo facility and handling of grain, such as wheat, barley and corn

19.44 51.00 58.27

Facility management of Harumi Triton Square Online flower gifts order processor

Manufacture and sale of insulated metal panels for roofing and walls

    • 98.36

      Management, operation and leasing of multipurpose facilities

    • 20.13

      Sugar refining

    • 90.54

      Facility management of buildings in Kansai region

100.00 100.00

Sale of cement, ready-mixed concrete and concrete products

Sales of ready-mixed concrete, concrete products, cement and aggregate


Import, development, and sale of foodstuffs

    • 50.63

      Manufacture and sale of laminated lumber and wood products

    • 68.99

      Sugar refining

100.00 100.00 50.00 100.00 100.00

Import and sale of Chinese fresh and prosessed vegetables Import and sale of fruits and vegetables Sale of building materials Property management of office buildings

Sale of pulp, wastepaper, paper, paperboard and packaging materials

Sumisho Realty Management Co., Ltd.


Asset management business of real estate

Sumitomo Corporation


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