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5. “Add Loco” will flash again, prompting you to add another loco into the consist. You can control up to 4 locos total (including the lead loco) in a Universal Consist. To end programming, press ENTER.


Running Universal (Old-Style) Consists (Prodigy Advance Cab only) Running a Universal Consist is different from running a single loco.

After setting up your consist group, use the lead loco’s address to run the consist.




  • 1.

    Press CONSIST then LOCO. Make sure “Cons” appears on the LCD display.

  • 2.

    Enter the address of the lead loco and press ENTER.

  • 3.

    Turn the throttle and all the locos in the consist will start moving together.

  • 4.

    To control accessory functions, use each loco’s original address.

The above LCD display shows a Universal Consist group led by lead loco 3802 running in reverse at a speed of 102.


When running a Universal Consist, LCD shows “Cons.” When running an Advance Consist, LCD shows “Loco.”

Clearing Universal (Old-Style) Consists (Prodigy Advance Cab only)

To clear a consist, press CONSIST until “Cons oLd cLr” flashes in the display. Then press ENTER. Turning off the power on the base unit will not clear the consist.

Once you clear the consist, each loco will immediately respond to its original speed command.

Fast Clock (Prodigy Advance Cab only) Setting Fast Clock (Master Cab only)



Time Speed

Only the Master Cab (Cab #1) can program the time, time ratio, and AM/ PM or military (24 hr) time. The time settings entered by the Master Cab are stored in the Prodigy Express DCC system base unit memory. The settings will remain unchanged until you reprogram them. The time is sent to all Cabs operating on the layout so railroad schedules can be maintained.

Setting Time (Master Cab only) (Prodigy Advance Cab only)

  • 1.

    Make sure your Cab is the Master Cab.

  • 2.

    Press SYS and 1. The current time will be momentarily displayed.

  • 3.

    Enter the new time. Press ENTER.

Setting Time Rate (ratio) (Master Cab only): The time rate is how many real seconds are in one fast clock minute.

2-10 Operation

MRC Prodigy Advance


Use of the speed step button will not alter the speed step originally programmed into the decoder. It only matches the throttle to the decoder.

Yard Mode On/Off (Prodigy Advance Cab only)

To toggle the Yard Mode feature on or off, press SYS and 3. In standard throttle mode, the throttle only controls loco speed. When the Yard Mode feature is on (“Yard” displayed on LCD), the yard throttle will control both the speed and direction of the loco. Let’s explain how to use the Yard throttle.

When the loco is traveling forward, turning the yard throttle clockwise will increase the loco’s speed. Turning counterclockwise will decrease its speed until 0. Continuing turning counterclockwise will reverse the loco’s direction. Continuing turning counterclockwise will increase the loco’s speed in the reverse. Turning clockwise will decrease its speed in the reverse until 0. Continuing turning clockwise will reverse the loco’s direction and set it forward.

Fast Clock (Prodigy Advance Cab only)




Time Speed

To view the fast clock, press TIME. The time will replace the address display on the LCD. You can still run the current loco while the time is displayed. To return to the loco address display, press TIME again. The time information is stored in the base unit and transmitted to the Cab. Each Cab displays the same time.

The above LCD display shows time of 8:02AM. The current loco is moving forward at a speed of 102.

Overload and Short Circuit

The base unit is rated at 1.6 amps. It is up to you to note how many locos and accessories can be run on the layout at the same time without triggering the circuit protector. If there is an overload or short circuit, the base unit will stop Main Track output for 2 seconds then resume. Please remove the overload or short circuit for proper operation. When operating larger layouts with numerous locos and accessories being operated at the same time or when running 2-rail “O” or “G” scales, you may need a DCC power booster. We recommend you use the MRC Power Station 8 or MRC Distribute Power Bosster to boost your DCC layout.

Shutting Down the Unit

Unplugging the AC adapter from AC outlet. The base unit will store all current running information, including time, for the next session.

Cab Setup Setting Cab Addresses (Prodigy Express Cab only)

You can use up to 20 Cabs with the Prodigy Express. Each Cab must have a unique address. Any Cab you purchase has the factory default address #1. Cab #1 is the Master Cab that can perform all functions. Any additionally purchased Cabs are also Master Cabs and must have their addresses changed from #1 to their own unique addresses.

MRC Prodigy Advance

Operation 2-3

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