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business license because the color was not very nice or aesthetic. Corinne wanted an opinion and that people really consider how fair when they put new law on books.

Council Member Christie stated that the Council is elected and can always change. Council Member Christie also stated that if you feel that the people you elect are unfairly representing certain entities of the community then you should be electing someone else to represent you.

Corinne Copelan stated that the City has no problem attacking small businesses.

Chris Melville stated that the City does aesthetic review of all structures that are built including casinos. Corinne Copelan stated that marquees are many different colors and can hurt your eyes. Chris stated that the signs are covered under a different portion of the code.

Council Member J. Carter stated that his personal opinion that his ethics and ability to make decisions not effected by who he works for. Corinne Copelan stated that that was not true, that his family and income come first. Mayor Thaut stated that that was disrespectful. Council Member J. Carter stated that everyone has to live in town and if they do not like the decisions go and vote. *f. Discussion and Decision Regarding Sponsoring West Wendover Elementary PTO Trick or Treat Street and Other Matters Appropriately Related Thereto Council Member E. Carter disclosed that she is the Chairperson for the PTO but would not personally gain by this item. Michelle Giovo stated that the Trick or Treat Street would be held at the West Wendover Elementary School on October 31, 2006 from 5-7 p.m. The funds generated would be used to replace the worn out playground equipment and sponsor a field trip for honor students. Council Member Christie stated that this is a great cause and has good goals. Council Member Christie made the motion to sponsor the West Wendover Elementary PTO Trick or Treat Street in the amount of $250.00. The motion was seconded by Council Member Miera and passed unanimously.


COMMUNICATIONS Council Member Gorum asked when the Congressional candidates where coming. Chris Melville explained that it was October 26, 2006 at 11 a.m.

Mayor Thaut stated that the Police department is planning patrols at Trick or Treat Street. Council Member E. Carter stated that the Police are coming and will be explaining to the children to stay on sidewalks, and only going to doors with lights on. Council Member E. Carter stated that the playground equipment is very old and anything that can be done will be good.

Council Member Christie asked if something can be put out reminding people to vote for the election. Council Member Christie stated that the playground is very old.

Mayor Thaut discussed doing a candidates night and have Thad Ballard to moderate.

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    *APPROVAL OF THE CLAIMS: Council Member Gorum made the motion to approve the claims of October 17, 2006, August Insurance and September Insurance. The motion was seconded by Council Member E. Carter and passed unanimously.

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    *NEXT MEETING DATE AND ADJOURNMENT The next meeting date is a regular meeting on November 7, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the West Wendover Fire Station.

Mayor Thaut read a letter from John and Rose Hanson concerning good service done by a city employee. The letter thanked Roland Sharp for his going out of his way to collect their garbage when they had been on vacation. Council Member Gorum also thanked Roland for collecting his trash when he had been on vacation.

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