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TYPES OF INSPECTIONS Child care centers are inspected at least once a year, child care group homes semi-annually and, both, as needed to investigate complaints. Visits are also made to provide training and technical assistance. All annual inspections and complaint investigations are unannounced.

VIEWING FACILITY FILES A public file is maintained in each regional office for the licensed child care centers and child care homes which are assigned to that area. These files contain records of all inspections, complaints, licensing history, articles of incorporation, architectural evaluations, statement of services, list of registered individuals, director's and provider's applications, as well as references. The public files are available for viewing from 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Copies of statutes and regulations governing the operation of licensed child care centers and child care homes are available in each regional office.

FILING A COMPLAINT Any individual or agency who suspects that a regulation is being violated may call in a complaint, or send it in writing, to their regional office. Complaints are prioritized based on the severity and risk to children, and are investigated in a timely manner. All complaints and the corresponding investigative reports are available for public viewing, with the exception of confidential complaints which are protected by confidentiality laws. In each regional office, a licensing specialist is on-duty daily to answer questions and take complaints.

PARENTS' RIGHTS We recognize that you, as a parent, play the most important role in your child's growth and development. Parents should be closely involved in their child's care. Because you chose licensed care for your child, YOU: 1. have the right to expect that the care that your child receives meets minimum standards as outlined in the child care regulations;

  • 2.

    have the right to visit any time your child is in care without making an appointment;

  • 3.

    have the right to see the rooms and outside play area where the child care is provided during

operating hours;

  • 4.

    can review the public file of any child care facility at a regional Office of Child Care Licensing;

  • 5.

    can request to view inspection reports at the facility,

  • 6.

    have the right to a written statement of services from your child care center, to include

information concerning fees:

  • 7.

    must give written permission before a provider may take your child swimming or on field trips;

  • 8.

    have the right to be notified immediately of any serious injury or accident requiring medical

attention; 9. can expect that any complaint that you make regarding a violation of a regulation or the care your child is receiving will be investigated by the Office of Child Care Licensing; 10. have the right to be made aware of your child's daily activity and progress.

PARENTS WANT TO KNOW 1. Why should I choose licensed or certified child care? Department of Health Services licensed and certified providers and their staff are required to be fingerprinted. An extensive background check is done at that time. In addition to the licensing inspections by the Office of Child Care Licensing, facilities are required to have fire, sanitation and safety inspections. 2. Do all persons who care for children in their homes have to be licensed by the state? No! A person may care for four or fewer children, who are not their own, without being certified. Persons who care for five or more children for compensation must be certified in order to operate legally. 3. How many children may a center care for at one time? There are several criteria that determine the number of children which may be cared for in a center. The criteria are: (a) square footage for indoor activity area; (b) age of children being cared for in each room. The maximum number of children that the center may care for will be printed on the license.

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