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4. What happens to my child if my home provider becomes ill or has an accident during the day? Regulations require that each home provider have an emergency back-up person who is on call and available on short notice. The back-up person must be familiar with the regulations and policies of the home. The name, address and phone number of the back-up person is to be posted by the phone. 5. How will I learn about the center's rules and policies? The center is required to provide the parents with a written Statement of Services which must include, but is not limited to, the following: services offered, hours, admission requirements, payment policy discipline policy, provisions for special needs children, transportation services, field trip procedures, parent responsibilities, routine activities, statement of liability insurance, medication policy and emergency medical procedures. 6. Can the center or home provider give medication to my child? The center or home provider may or may not administer medication depending on their policy. If your provider chooses to administer medication, there are strict guidelines in the rules which must be followed. 7. What happens if my provider fails to meet some of the regulations? When the facility is not in compliance, the Office of Child Care Licensing will offer technical assistance to help them return to compliance. if there is a consistent pattern of non-compliance in areas which endanger the health and safety of children, legal action may be taken against the facility. Legal action may include the following: reduction of services, fines, suspension or revocation of the license. 8. How will I know if my provider is meeting the child provider regulations? You can become familiar with the child care regulations. Upon the requests of parents, providers are required to make copies of inspections available. You may also use the checklist provided in this guide. 9. What will my provider do in an emergency if I cannot be reached? Parents are required to provide at least two emergency contact persons, in addition to themselves. The provider will try to contact the parent first, and if the parent cannot be reached, the persons listed as the emergency contacts will be called. In the event that parents and emergency contacts cannot be reached, 911 or Child Protective Services will be, called. 10. Can the Office of Child Care Licensing recommend a center or child care home? No, this office does not make recommendations. However, the office does maintain public files.

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