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Randall Garrett Gazette

Vol. III

Price: Priceless Home Builder News

April 2008

On the Drawing Board…

FOR RENT NEXT YEAR - As I mentioned last month, we are putting together another project approximately a mile north of Mill Haven, tentatively called “Colleyville Crossing“. If growing your business calls for high visibility right on Grapevine Highway in the heart of the Metro-plex, call us for more information. Retail or office will work great there.

Investment Ideas…

Put your cash in your mattress till this is over, unless , of course, it’s a waterbed.

In My Opinion (that and $5 will get you $0.50 worth of coffee at Starbucks)…..By Randall Garrett

Presidential Race - Everyone that knows me, also knows which side of the aisle I lean (I’m the one standing just to the left of Attila the Hun), so it will probably not come to anyone’s surprise regarding the following opinions: *** I would never vote for Monica Lewinski’s ex-boyfriend’s wife. *** Barack Hussein Obama - First of all, sorry, but the Hussein part is not working for me. Secondly, with respect to his buddy, Reverend Wright, his pastor for over 20 years, performed his marriage, and now he is trying to distance himself from the Reverend; all I have to say about that is, “ birds of a feather do flock together. *** John McCain - Is this all we’ve got? I’m struggling with this one too, but at least he is not one of the above.

Global Warming - I do not believe there is scientific evidence to support global warming. I am not convinced that in the course of our wonderful planet’s existence, enduring billions of years, that a warming trend of a couple of hundred thousand years, or even a couple of million years, has not occurred. I believe that the nature and the earth, being in perfect balance, has on-going systems constantly cleansing and adjusting itself through time. I do not concur with the arrogance of man’s idea that he is more powerful than nature, or the power of God (for those share this belief), and has the

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