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Randall Garrett Gazette

Vol. III

Price: Priceless Home Builder News

April 2008

ability to override its(His) forces. I do believe man should be good stewards of the planet, but can be considered culpable of narcissism and fear mongering tactics,

frightening in the common man, in order to extrapolate funding for research of questions that have unattainable answers. Whew! That ought to get the Algore

warming up in the bull pen. He might even call for a sit-in some university president’s

office. Ah, that would be the good old days again, huh?

Environment - Yes, let’s turn off the lights. Let’s get more energy efficient. Let’s clean up the air and the water. There is no excuse for pollution or defacing Mother Earth. I believe our consciousness has been raised, so I think we are working towards that end, although it will take some time. Pat yourself on the back, Americans, we were instrumental in progressing that forward. By the way, I hope in my life time, we can free ourselves from the bondage of our dependence on foreign oil. Just imagine, if we Americans, the largest consumer of petroleum in the world, told OPEC, et al, “no thanks, we won’t be needing anymore of your petroleum products”. They would have nothing to sell, but SAND!! Although, I do use a load or two on every house, so they could have a little income.

That’s enough of my opinions for one month. AlGore is emailing me (you know, on the internet he invented), and he seems upset. I guess he hasn’t got his tree hug today.

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Wine Tip of the Month

Menguante is the vineyard. Garnacha is the varietal. This is from a family owned vineyard in Spain, that was founded in 1760. The fruit comes from 80 year old vines, purple in color. Some guy named Jay Miller, the Wine Advocate, gave it a 90 point rating (who ever he is). The literature says it has “a fragrant nose of kirsch (what!!??) and blueberry“. It goes on to say, “Medium-bodied, this wine is packed with ripe fruit and layers of flavor all the way through to the finish. This awesome value can be likened to a Cotes du Rhone on steroids“. I think Brother Miller needs to taste, then spit, and not swallow so much. He’s trippin’. I can’t taste any of that. I can just taste -

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