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Randall Garrett Gazette

Vol. III

Price: Priceless Home Builder News

April 2008

goooooood! Sounds like a $50 bottle of why, huh? WRONG!! The building business is flat right now. $50 anything is not in the budget for Brother Garrett and family. This wine $10 per bottle at Tivoli Wines, at 62 Main, Suite 110, in the Villages of Colleyville. I have seen it for $7.99 on line.

Bonus Wine tip (on the house). Try your favorite wine in different wine glasses. Different shapes and sizes of the bowls of wine glasses embrace or inhibit the bouquet of the wine, thus the flavor. (You know, some bowl shapes might kill all of the little “kirsches” - palleeaassee). And, please, for the love of all that is tannin worthy, don’t drink a nice cabernet from those little chianti glasses. It is blasphemy, I tell you!! Blasphemy!!

Humor of the Month

(minor adult subject matter)

A man goes into a hotel bar (where else would men go) where upon he takes an obligatory seat at the bar. He orders his obligatory something-on-the-rocks. He casts his eyes upon a beautiful lady sitting a short distance down the bar from him, smiling at him (naturally). He walks over to her and says, “I saw you smiling at me, which indicates to me that you might have an interest in me, so would you mind if I asked you a question?“ To which she says, “Ask away.“ He proceeds to ask her if she would go up to his room and spend the night with him for a $1,000,000. To which she answers, “Yes, I would go up to your room and spend the night with you for a million dollars”. The man thinks about it the favorable response he gets from the beautiful lady, then turns, and goes back to his obligatory seat at the bar. He sits there for a moment, sipping on his something-on-the-rocks, then he gets up and walks back over to the beautiful lady. This time he says, “Can I ask you another question?“ Of course, she says, “Go ahead.“ This time he asks her if you would go up to his room and spend the night with him for $5.00. This, obviously upset her, and she lashed out at him, “No, I would not go up to your room and spend the night with you for five dollars!! What do you think I am?“ The man calmly answers, “We both know what you are, I’m just trying to establish a price”.

Parting Thought

Randall Garrett Homes, Inc. P.O. Box 1708 Colleyville, Texas 76034 Office: 817.475.4644

randallgarretthomes.com Randall W. Garrett Construction Company, Inc. 104 Grapevine Hwy., Suite 100 Hurst, Texas 76054 Fax: 817.472.7156

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