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      • Special recovery effort to collect arrears.

      • Control of Katiya connection (unauthorized hooking) by installing ABC conductors.

      • Separate feeders.

      • Double metering.

      • Hand held billing

      • Granting of rural franchisee for collection.

  • U.P. Power Corporation Ltd. through State Designated Agency U.P. has initiated for energy conservation by energy auditing of Govt./Semi Govt. buildings having connected load of 500

    • K.

      W. or more and to implement energy conservation technology to reduce energy consumption.

Primary Education

Management Information System


The Management Information System (MIS) has collection of data; its compilation, analysis,

dissemination and more importantly its integration with planning process are main features of MIS. MIS is

providing adequate support on the following:

    • Intervention-wise progress of SSA implementation.

    • Education Scenario

    • Providing information of access, retention and quality related issues.

    • Different type of information regarding children in the target group.

    • Effective monitoring of each and every activity of the project.

  • 38.

    MIS Cell is undertaking various activities utilizing below mentioned Web monitoring tools and

Application Software.

  • Web Portal www.upefa.com with web monitoring tool ensuring email communicat ion, online data entry and report generation on various programmes of SSA.

  • Usage of SSA MIS Web portal for QPR and report generation as per GOI requirement.

  • Application Software for household survey (HHS)

  • DISE (District Information system for Education) is in place, where Data of all schools name is captured annually and database is created. Education Indicators are derived from this database and utilized for planning and implementation.

  • Usage of Decision Support System (SPO DSS) and SSA tools for utilizin g DISE database and HHS database and etc.

  • GIS based website is being developed by NIC wherein data of school is being uploaded.

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