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Technical Support/Warranty…FAQ’S

We are initiating a feature with this issue of the Motorcader in which we will answer questions to our Technical Support personnel. These will also be added to the “Support” Section on our website. The numbers below correspond to the category in the FAQS.


45) Should my Aqua Hot exhaust system produce smoke?

It is normal for both the Aqua-Hot and Hydro-Hot to produce smoke for a few seconds whenever the diesel burner comes on. However, if either white or black smoke is present beyond 30 seconds, this could indicate a bad fuel nozzle, a partially plugged fuel filter, or a low voltage (VDC) situation. Please contact our Service Department at 1-800-685-4298 for additional assistance, or e-mail us directly by going to the "Technical Support" button on the left-hand side of the page on our website.

46) Can I check my transmission fluid from the cockpit?

Yes, most later model Allison transmissions are equipped with the electronic oil level sensor and most can only display one character at a time. Park the vehicle on a level surface, shift to N (Neutral), and apply the parking brake. Next, simultaneously press the “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons on the pushbutton shift selector. The display will read out a series of letters or numbers to indicate your oil level. For detailed instructions on your specific transmission see your Allison Transmission Owner’s Manual.

backup camera. The Emerson® brand could be changed from the NTSC setting to the PAL setting and will make the screen roll; a simple setting change will correct this issue. On the face plate of the monitor locate the SRC button and hold; then push the right hand arrow. This will change the setting.

49) My main air system air pressure goes down overnight. Do I need to have system serviced?

The Motorcoach will use air from the main tanks until the system reaches 60 psi and then the auxiliary air compressor will take over for the leveling system. If the system goes below 60 psi on the dash gauges, there is a leak within the system that needs servicing. If the gauge goes to 60 psi and stops, the system is operating normally.

47) What engine RPM should I maintain when driving in mountainous terrain?

Manually pre-select a lower gear in order to maintain engine speed within a range of 500 RPM of engine governed speed. Your road speed may decrease but power (torque) will remain at a peak output while ascending the grade. When descending a grade, never use a higher gear than was used while climbing the grade. The selection of a lower gear will also minimize cycling between a gear and the next gear on a series of short up and down hills.

48) My retractable dash monitor keeps rolling. Is there an adjustment I can make?

Starting with year model 2003, Foretravel began using a flip out monitor for the coach monitoring system and

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