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Motorcade Club Corporate Manager

by Merlyn Neel

As we start the New Year, I want to personally thank Al and Marion Rice for the wonderful job they performed last year. Our year went off without a hitch, and it was all due to their diligence and hard work. Thank you again for all your help.

Most of you already know me and have traveled with my wife, Jo Dean, and me many times as we directed numerous events. The decision to take on the responsibilities of Club Manager was not a quick or easy choice. It was much easier to sit back and enjoy the ride. But, like the majority of you, my loyalty to this club is strong, and the greater part of my apprehension was soon set aside to achieve new goals and objectives.

Many things took place last year for Foretravel as we welcomed new owners. Lyle Reed and Greg Amys have worked long hours in getting our production going again. Everywhere you look you see changes being made. The Motorcade Club is no exception. Foretravel realizes the value of the club and the impact our loyal members have had on the company. We are looking forward to positive results from the changes the company will be undertaking with the club. We will continue to produce the Motorcader quarterly this year, and our plans are to print a new directory with a projected print schedule of March. If you have not paid your dues this year, please do, so that we can include you in the directory. Work is being done on the website, and in the future we will use this avenue of communication as much as possible.

Motorcade Club dues were raised this year and, as you can imagine, we have received some phone calls asking why. Dues cover a minor part of the total expenses Foretravel incurs. The

club has never paid its own way. It has always been subsidized by Foretravel. In the last few years we have planned trips, sent directors to scout the trips, and then had to cancel some because not enough members signed up. This cost Foretravel a substantial amount. Foretravel cannot afford to continue subsidizing the club in the same manner as it has in the past.

In order to draw larger attendance at our rallies, motorcades, and events, the company decided to change the 10% discount on parts that club members receive, and give members a certificate for the discount at any club or chapter activity. This change began January 1, 2006. Hopefully this will inspire all of us to attend more activities. I have also had inquiries concerning charges for Foretravel’s RV park. If you are coming in for sales, service, or club business, your stay is complementary while attending to that business. Some club members have taken advantage of this in the past, but we cannot abuse this privilege. The Motorcade Club by-laws have also changed. The change defines a “member” more clearly. The change will be in the new directory coming in March.

Finally, we would like to welcome Wally and Billye West, our new International President and First Lady for the upcoming year. I know they will do their utmost to serve and inform you.

It is a privilege to serve you and I wish you much happiness in this year’s travels!

Gone but not forgotten are these last months. What a privilege it has been to serve as leaders of this club. We traveled many miles and met many new friends, and to both of us, that is what Foretravel is all about. The camaraderie we shared with fellow owners will last a lifetime. We are still traveling, and are still friends with members of the 1983 Alaskan Motorcade (our first).

and we could not fit them into our agenda. We are very sorry we were unable to attend your rallies.

From North Dakota to the tip of Florida, we have created memories that will stay with us forever. Thanks again for this wonderful year.

We would like to extend a "thank you" and our gratitude to you who so graciously accepted us into the fun and fellowship of your individual chapters, as we made our circle around the country. Also, we apologize to all the chapters who sent us invitations to join in their functions

Al and Marion Rice #10985 Past International President and First Lady

see you down the road… 7

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