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Motorcade Club Survey

by Tiffany Helm

We would first like to thank everyone for your participation in the Motorcade Club survey we sent out months ago. We hope that by evaluating your responses we can better manage how the Club is used and look deeper into changing aspects of the Club to benefit the majority of members.

It is no secret that the Motorcade Club has been an asset to Foretravel for many, many years. We hope that this remains the case for many more years to come. With that in mind, we surveyed all of you for your thoughts, ideas, and first-hand experiences. We would like to share our findings with all of you.

The demographic information we collected is intended to enable us to consider changes to fit the majority of Motorcade Club members. There are approximately 1,500 dues-paying members of the Club; we received 685 responses to our survey. Many thanks again to all of those who responded. With this high percentage of responses we are confident that the survey results portray our membership accurately. Of the 1,500 members, only 37% consider themselves “active.” The majority (63%) are “non- active.”

are the camaraderie between members, good prior experiences, and the presence of a service technician while traveling. Those who don’t attend Motorcade Club functions said they didn’t have the time, they like to go it alone, or that trips are too expensive. On the local scene, 70% of non- active members have not attended an activity in the last two years, for reasons ranging from not on the mailing list of their chapter, not enough notice for planning, and conflict with other events. We will be working with local chapter officers to target these “non-active” members and attract them to activities. We found that most reported what would draw them is, again, camaraderie, information-sharing between owners, and shorter events, closer to home. Not to mention that 53% said they would be more inclined to attend Club activities if a service technician was present, if more consideration was made to the needs of working owners, and if activities were not so “retiree-focused.”

The benefits of membership in the Club are of key importance to many, the most important being the Motorcader magazine, the 10% service discount, and camaraderie. For many non-active members, the Motorcader magazine seems to be their only link to the Club.

The majority of Club members (81%) is 61 years or older, and less than 1% are under 40. The majority of members are retired and most have owned their Foretravel coach for longer than five years. Thirty-four members reported owning pre-1990 models and relatively few members surveyed plan on buying again before the end of 2006. While this means fewer of you are experiencing our new models, this does stand as a testament to our legacy of quality, well-built coaches. We are truly proud of this fact.

Over half of our members (53%) purchased their Foretravel used, with 64% owning a coach model year 1990 through 2000. Members use their Foretravels in a variety of ways; most use their coach 31-90 days per year (38% of members), many use it 91-180 days per year (28%), and 99 members use their coach as a full-time residence. The majority (79%) have internet access at home, while 42% have access while on the road. We would like to note that a new Foretravel website has been established to improve online communication with the Foretravel family. Since we are expecting to use this now and in the future as our main means of communicating with you, we hope that the other 21% of members will consider logging-on.

We will be working to address your suggestions of new, shorter, exciting, less expensive trips, organizing a Buddy Rally in Nacogdoches at our manufacturing facilities, and making continual improvements on our website to better connect us all. We also asked for interested members looking to serve as chapter officers. If you expressed an interest, please be expecting a call from your current chapter leaders. We thank you for your excitement and interest.

The Motorcade Club is of great importance to us all. From a company standpoint, it is our way of communicating with our loyal Foretravel owners, otherwise known to us as our Foretravel family. To you all, the members, it is a way of staying connected to fellow owners and experiencing the most Foretravel has to offer. With that, I encourage you all to log on to our website, www.Foretravel.com, read Motorcader magazine, and visit and participate in Club and local activities. Thanks again to all members who responded to our survey.

We then surveyed members about the Motorcade Club activities, both Club and local chapter sponsored. We found that the most attractive aspects of Club-sponsored activities

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