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At present, USPS has no definite plans for use of multi-line OCRs. However, USPS has largely funded the development of a multi-line OCR by Recognition Equipment Inc. (REI), a U.S. company based in Dallas, Texas. REI has a proven track record in optical character recognition technology and is a leading U.S. corporation in high performance OCRs.

There are a total of five prototype REI multi-line OCRs operating installations (two in Chicago; one each in New York, Philadelphia, and Dallas) OCRs are known as RCS/OCR for Read Code Sort/Optical Character Readers.

at postal The REI

The computer software of the RCS/OCR is programed so that the address search is “bottom up.” That is, the bottom line containing city, State, and ZIP code (5- or 9-digit) is read first, followed by the second line containing the street number and name, followed by the third (and, if necessary, fourth) line containing company name, office

building, etc. maintained in

The address information on the a computerized ZIP+4 address

envelope directory.

is compared with information Once a match between the

address applied level. number

information on the envelope and in the directory is obtained, a bar code is to the envelope, which from then on is sorted automatically down to the carrier The multi-line provides additional redundancy since, for example, the street and name as well as city and State can be cross-checked against the ZIP code.

A direct comparison between single- and multi-line machine performance is difficult, since the USPS has not subjected both machines to equivalent acceptance

testing on a comparable mail suggestion was declined multi-line OCR manufacturers process for single-line OCRs.


REI had proposed comparative testing, but this

by USPS on the grounds that it would be unfair to other potential

and would


USPS also


the that

ongoing the REI

competitive procurement multi-line OCR did not


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