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Also on the positive side, despite some variability in funding and commitment, USPS has provided enough support over the last 14 years to Recognition Equipment,Inc. (of Dallas, Texas) such that REI has developed one of the leading multi-line OCRs on the world market. Ironically, at various times from the late 1960’s to the late 1970’s, USPS appeared to actually favor the multi-line over the single-line OCR. [n the late 1970’s, USPS procured one multi-line OCR from REI, and as insurance solicited every known OCR manufacturer in the world to provide a single-line OCR on a release-loan basis.

As it turned out, the REI multi-line OCR did not satisfy USPS performance

requirements, but the single-line OCRs Telefunken, Toshiba, and ITT Belgium).

of five USPS

foreign decided

manufacturers did (ELSAG, NEC, to deploy single-line OCRs and

awarded production contracts to Pitney (under license to NEC) in early 1981.

Bowes (under license to ELSAG) and Burroughs According to USPS, for insurance purposes an

additional contract was awarded to REI for five and tested between June 1982 and April 1983. indicate that the multi-line OCR performance is OCR performance.

multi-line OCRs. These were installed As discussed earlier, USPS test data now fully competitive with single-line

Finally, USPS may wish to consider: (1) new approaches to R&D and procurement (including the release-loan testing process) with a view towards speeding up the time delay from R&D to installation of new equipment; and (2) new ways to organize mail processing in order to achieve faster and more reliable delivery.


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