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When a MDS is required, the Tier 1 supplier has to log in IMDS to assign a MDS to the request. To help the Tier 1 supplier, the Part/Item No and Supplier code fields are automatically filled in the recipient chapter of your assigned MDS (New or reassigned MDS). This automatic action will only work if the Tier 1 supplier answers a MDS request. If he wants to send an MDS without answering a request, the risk is that he doesn’t fill the good information and thus Volvo’s systems might not be able to recognize his MDS. For more information on automatic filling of MDS fields and on how to assign a MDS to a request, please see paragraph 7.3.2 Find / Read MDS request & Assign MDS.

Once the MDS documented, assigned to the request and sent to Volvo, there are 3 possibilities:

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    The MDS is accepted by Volvo: the MDS status in IMDS is “accepted”. It means that the

MDS matches the current Volvo’s requirement. It doesn’t mean that the material composition of the part is in compliance with the ELV directive or other regulation requirements. In any way, it limits the supplier’s liability for parts supplied to Volvo.

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    The MDS is accepted with Follow up: the MDS status in IMDS is “Accepted” with

comments. It means that the MDS is approved thanks to a regulatory exemption, a deviation authorization or the acceptance of a phase out plan. In every instance, the supplier has to rework the part content within the deadline of the exemption, deviation or phase out plan and send a new MDS. Before to receive the VOLVO answer to the MDS (MDS status is still “in process at recipient”), the buyer and / or the design engineer will contact the supplier to discuss the different options and define what sort of modality will be implemented. Once the MDS is accepted with follow up, the SQE is in charge of the follow up / application of the regulation exemption, deviation authorization or of the phase out plan.

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    The MDS is rejected: the MDS status in IMDS is “rejected”. It means that the MDS doesn’t

match the current Volvo’s requirements. Volvo will notify the reasons of the rejection (missing data,

VOLVO GROUP Substances and material reporting detailed instructions/ Version 2.0

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