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      MDS content Requirements

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The rules to follow for creating data are described in the IMDS Recommendations (available on the IMDS Website) and the complementary Volvo specific recommendations (described in the table hereafter)

The main Volvo specific recommendation is that the hierarchy number for Materials should be limited to one; Numbers are listed in the table hereafter

Recommendation Title

AB Volvo specific recommendations

IMDS 001

General Structure

Cf § 3.4.2 The sentence "In exceptional cases a material can consist of other materials (e.g. filled thermoplastics consisting of the basic polymer, master batch colour and master batch flame retardant which are processed into a new coloured, flame-retarding, filled thermoplastic, see Recommendation IMDS 010). " should be removed. The sentence "A Material consists of basic substances only." should be the unique rule.

IMDS 003

Rubber (Elastomeric) Material Cf § 3.2


“For complex composed products, containing different rubber or plastic materials (e.g. a fuel hose

with inner layer, intermediate layer, outer layer and fiber reinforcement between the layers) it is desirable to add each contained material beneath the material which describes the composite product. The different components of the product can be described as materials” : Only these materials should be declared in IMDS. The "complex rubber material" should not be declared.

IMDS 010

Plastic Material Composites

Cf § 3.1 The sentence “A Plastics Material - like other materials - consists of basic substances or other materials (sub materials) only.” should be replaced by the sentence “ A Plastic Material like other materials consists of basic substances only.” since we would like to avoid material within material

Automotive Lighting

Cf § 4.1 Example described in this recommendation shows a "Steel + surface treatment" material containing 2 other materials. This is not correct regarding our rules.

Printed circuit boards (PCB)

Cf § 4.2 Complete standard materials in IMDS are made available for typical printed circuit boards. For example : Use of "PCB-High end printed circuit board" and "PCB-low end printed circuit board" materials should be avoided, since they contain other materials.

IMDS 014

IMDS 019

VOLVO GROUP Substances and material reporting detailed instructions/ Version 2.0

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