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7.3 IMDS functions: how to perform main activities

This paragraph intends to explain to Volvo’s suppliers what Volvo’s requirements for reporting in IMDS are. This is not a complete training material for IMDS. To get such information, please see paragraph

      • 7.1.1

        Access to IMDS, Registration, Password, training, user information.

      • 7.3.1

        E-mail subscription in IMDS

In the “Settings” menu, the Tier 1 supplier can tick the different options he wants in term of E-mail subscription.

7.3.2 Find / Read MDS request & Assign MDS

Volvo uses the function MDS request in IMDS. It guarantees that the supplier is connecting his MDS with the right Part / item No and supplier code. Actually, Volvo strongly recommends that the supplier answers the request, that is to say assign the MDS to the request before sending the MDS back to Volvo. This action ensures that the Part/Item No and Supplier code fields are automatically filled in the recipient chapter of your assigned MDS (New or reassigned MDS). If the supplier sends the MDS without answering the request, the risk is that he doesn’t fill the right information in the recipient chapter of the MDS. If this occurs, the MDS won’t be well driven in Volvo’s systems and thus the MDS might be rejected.

To sum up, the MDS has to be assigned to the request before to be sent. Find / read MDS request

In the “MDS request” Menu, the search can be performed using different criteria.

VOLVO GROUP Substances and material reporting detailed instructions/ Version 2.0

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