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1.1.2 VOLVO Standards on restricted/reportable substances

Volvo forbidden/restricted/reportable substances are documented in the Volvo standards:

  • STD 100-0005: Chemical substances which must not be present in products within the

Volvo Group. It concerns Global Automotive Declarable substance list which are prohibited in products within the Volvo group (GADSL-P): This list combines all different OEM and Chemical industry requirements regarding substances into one list. More detailed information on the GADSL list on the dedicated website: gadsl.org

They are updated yearly to reflect changes in substance regulations worldwide and applicable on all part bought by Volvo.

1.2 Legislation

1.2.1 ELV-Directive The European End-of-Life-Vehicles (ELV) Directive 2000/53/EC that became valid on October 21,

2000, imposes specific rules for materials used in

category N1 vehicles (Vehicles used for the

carriage of goods and having a maximum weight not exceeding 3.5 metric tons., Refer to EU directive 70/156/EEC ) Art.4: prohibits the use of Pb, Cd, CrVI, and Hg (with exception of the cases listed in Annex II) in category N1 vehicles put on the market after July 1st 2003. Art.8: know the location of all hazardous substances (according to EU Directive 67/548) in category N1 vehicles when they are dismantled, available from October 2002 for each type of new vehicle put on the market. Art.7: recycling targets, 85% recyclability/ 95% recoverability: type approval will be requested by homologation authority for both new type-approved vehicles and all new category N1 vehicles.

You as our Supplier are responsible to ensure that the ELV-Directive is fulfilled, and need to inform us about the contents of every part you deliver to Volvo.

1.2.2 REACH

REACH is the Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It entered into force on 1st June 2007 to streamline and improve the former legislative framework on chemicals of the European Union (EU). Presence of SVHC substances must always be reported in IMDS for products/chemicals used in Europe.

Note: As per Volvo guidelines, new parts produced after 1st January 2012 must not contain Haeavdlent Chromium or Lead. (above the threshold limit)

VOLVO GROUP Substances and material reporting detailed instructions/ Version 2.0

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