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3.2 Use of Information

Each Supplier sending substances information to Volvo group acknowledges and agrees that such information can be used by Volvo only for purposes related to the current legislations and regulations, and Volvo’s standard terms and conditions.

3.3 Supplier Internal Communication Requirements

This information package shall be communicated to the appropriate department managers in your organization. At least the areas of Product development, purchasing, manufacturing, quality, and environment must be informed, and possibly other.

3.4 Cascading of reporting to Sub-tier Suppliers

Tier 1 Suppliers remain sole accountable of the fulfilment of those requirements by any of its sub- suppliers therefore it is the responsibility of Tier 1 Suppliers:

  • -

    To cascade this information and all requirements to all sub-tier Suppliers.

  • -

    To check that their sub-tier Suppliers comply with the same requirements.

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    To make sure that submission of the requested material content is carried out.

The Tier 1 supplier can decide what method they wish to use to collect the part/material/substance data from their Tier 2 Suppliers. The tier N suppliers must supply data directly to the Tier N-1 Supplier with the format requested by the Tier N-1 supplier.

3.5 Reporting Language

Volvo requires that English be the unique language used for fulfilling Material & Substances composition reporting, either in the Supplier Portal or in IMDS. It means that all the fields, including remarks shall be written in English. No other language is allowed.

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    • 4.1

      Registration in the supplier portal

Publish this part on open area of Supplier Portal as well!

If a Tier 1 supplier is not yet registered in the supplier portal, he has to get in touch with his Volvo Group Purchasing Contact.

4.1.1 Person(s) in charge of substances reporting

If he is already registered in the supplier portal, it is important that the Tier 1 suppliers communicate to VOLVO GROUP the name of the persons in charge of Substances reporting in their company. This action will enable the Tier 1 suppliers to be recognized by the Volvo Group systems and will ensure their future material reporting to be well received (it will give access to Substance tracking application).

This registration can be done directly on the supplier portal with the application Identity Minder (IDM). IDM has been designed so that the supplier is self-sufficient for managing users and access to Volvo group application within his company. Only the super user defined for the company can add new user or allow new access.

VOLVO GROUP Substances and material reporting detailed instructions/ Version 2.0

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