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A comprehensive, 8-hour training program on NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace meeting or exceeding the training requirements of the NFPA 70E and OSHA subpart S. All attendees who successfully pass a written examination will be issued a qualification certificate.

Main Course Learning Goals: ¾ Understand the importance of an effective electrical safety program

¾ Understand what it takes to be considered a “Qualified Person” ¾ Describe the effects of electricity on the human body ¾ Discuss the hazards of an arc flash event ¾ Conduct a flash hazard analysis ¾ Select the proper PPE for arc flash protection ¾ Explain how to care for and inspect electrical safety equipment prior to use ¾ Conduct a shock hazard analysis ¾ Understand when an Energized Electrical Work Permit is required ¾ Be familiar with methods of shock protection including the use of approach distances,

insulating, and shielding materials ¾ Understand the procedures necessary to place equipment in an Electrically Safe

Working Condition for maintenance

To achieve these goals, the following sections of NFPA 70E, at a minimum, are covered during this course: ¾ NFPA 70E Art. 110, General Requirements for Electrical Safety-Related Work

Practices ¾ NFPA 70E Art. 120, Establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition ¾ NFPA 70E Art. 130 , Working On or Near Live Parts ¾ NFPA 70E Art. 250, Personal Safety and Protective Equipment ¾ NFPA 70E Annex C, Limits of Approach ¾ NFPA 70E Annex D, Sample Calculation of Flash Protection Boundary ¾ NFPA 70E Art. Annex G, Sample Lockout/Tagout ¾ NFPA 70E Annex H, Simplified, Two-Category, Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing System ¾ NFPA 70E Annex J, Energized Electrical Work Permit ¾ NFPA 70E Annex K, General Categories of Electrical Hazards

General Topics covered include: ¾ Effects of Electrical Shock and Arc Flash on the Body

¾ Personal Protective Equipment Use and Maintenance ¾ Safe Work Practices ¾ Test Equipment Selection and Use

Additional sections of NFPA 70E and other information may be covered based on attendee interest within the scope of the course.

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