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Tenancy agreement and explanation

Pets 70 If you, or anyone staying in or visiting your home, have a pet, you or anyone staying in or visiting your home must keep it under control and not allow it to cause nuisance or annoyance to anyone in the area around your home, or damage the property or shared areas. For example, if your pet fouls the shared areas, roads or other areas around your home, you must remove any mess and get rid of it appropriately. If your pet fouls the shared areas, you must clean the affected area. 71 If the pet is a dog, you or anyone staying in or visiting your home must: a meet with the conditions of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991; b keep the dog on a lead in the shared areas and while on any part of the estate (if your home is on an estate), including the roads; and c not allow the dog to enter any areas of a council housing estate which are fenced play areas or are marked as dog-free areas. 72 If your flat or maisonette does not have its own garden for you to use (this does not include shared gardens), you must not keep more than one dog or cat (not both). You may keep an extra dog or cat which you owned at 1 April 1996 if you were a council tenant at that time.

Your rights 73 You have the right to live in your home. We will not interfere with your peaceful enjoyment of your home unless you break this agreement or unless we get an order from the court. 74 You, and anyone staying in or visiting your home, may have to put up with some disturbance in your home or in shared areas if we or someone we have sent has to carry out work to your home while you are still living there. We will only cause reasonable disturbance. You, and anyone staying with you, may have to leave your home if we need to do major work which we cannot reasonably do while you are in the property (see chapter 15 of this booklet for more information). 75 If we are responsible for repairs, you have the right to have the

Tenants Charter


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