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Tenancy agreement and explanation

out unauthorised alterations or improvements, or our fixtures and fittings are missing or damaged, you must pay our reasonable repair or replacement costs. 87 Before you leave, you must clear out all your furniture and belongings, and leave the property clean and tidy. You must not allow anyone to stay in the property at the end of your tenancy. If you leave any belongings in the property, we will treat them as being abandoned and get rid of them as we see fit. 88 You must give us all the keys, including those for any store shed, controlled-entry system or garage. If you do not give us the keys, you must pay our reasonable costs of changing the locks and getting new keys. 89 If you do not leave your property clean, you must pay our reasonable costs of cleaning it. 90 When you leave, you must give us your new address. We will keep information in line with data-protection law (see chapter 22 of this booklet for more information).

Our responsibilities

Repairs and improvements 91 We must maintain the structure and outside of the property (including drains, gutters and outside pipes). 92 We must maintain our installations for space heating, water heating, drainage and sanitation, and for supplying water, gas and electricity. 93 We are responsible for decorating the outside of the property and shared areas inside the property every five years. 94 We must maintain shared entrances, halls, stairways, lifts, passageways, rubbish chutes, lighting and other shared areas. We must keep these areas reasonably clean. 95 We are not responsible for: a repairing fixtures and fittings that do not belong to us or for repairing your own appliances that use the water, gas or electricity supplies; or b work which is caused by you, or anyone staying in or visiting your home, failing to act responsibly in your home.

Tenants Charter


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