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LMIPPE February 2002

Health Impacts



The next important logical step is to ask the question- Are the aberrant health problems seen in the villages in Kasaragod related to endosulfan ?

For establishing this crucial link, it is important to find out what acute health problems were caused when endosulfan was aerially sprayed and what are the aberrant health problems seen and reported from the suspected areas.

Acute effects during and immediately after the spraying

The following acute effects were reported from places exposed to endosulfan aerial spray

  • A Noxious smell fills the air and people find it difficult to


  • The whole area carries a smoggy look.

  • Eye irritation, itching , sometimes with tears in the eye

  • Headaches and dizziness.

  • Suffocation and choking feeling.

  • Coarse feeling in the throat.

  • Skin itches, with swelling when scratched.

  • Seizures among grazing animals, sometimes leading to

death. Bleeding leading to abortion and sometimes death if the animal (cow, dogs) were pregnant.

General issues of health.

  • People were found to be generally weak, getting tired

quickly. Most of the people were laborers or were involved in work mostly of physical nature. They complained that they are not able to work as they used to some years back. Earlier where they used to work for more than 8 hours, today they are not able to work for more than 2 or 3 hours.

  • Many people, including women and children were found to

be anemic and ailing from frequent fevers and diseases, indicating effects on the immune system.

  • People, especially women look over aged.

  • Men, especially young men who were under grown,

physically. 25 to 35 year old men looked only in their teens or early twenties.

  • People disclosed about many cases of infertility, which was

high among men. The local doctors also confirmed that infertility cases were high.

  • Many people were being treated with hormones for a


of problems.



The doctor also mentioned about in boys (gynaecomastia) which

cases of was an

alarming revelation.







problems. Many of them have had problems that have resulted in their Uterus removed. A large number of women disclosed to the women members of our team that they have menstrual problems.

  • There were cases of women taking hormonal treatment to

correct their hormonal cycles before their marriages

  • The ailing people approach the local doctors who find it

difficult to cure many of these chronic ailments and refer them to specialists at Kanhangad or Mangalore. If their disease is complicated and need special treatment or surgery they usually go to Mangalore.

  • Many of the ailments have not found a proper cure and

now people know that diverse unknown diseases are inflicting them. They even know that the doctors are not able to diagnose

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