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LMIPPE February 2002

From literature and the studies available from all over the world one recognises that endosulfan is a highly toxic chemical, used widely as a pesticide but with toxicological properties comparable with the likes of DDT and Endrin, which have been banned in the country and is slated for a global phaseout.

Endosulfan has been recognised as a chemical which can cause endocrine disruptions, reproductive system disorders, central nervous system disorders, liver and kidney dysfunctions in many studies on animals and human beings – in vitro and in vivo. It has been shown to display genotoxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects.

The health plantations effects that endosulfan.

problems seen in the villages adjoining the PCK in Kasaragod have much in similarity to the kind of can be perpetuated by the prolonged exposure to The presence of endosulfan in the environment is

confirmed not only because CSE studies established the primarily because endosulfan was sprayed for more than

same but 20 years,

three times environment

every year and its cumulative






presence presence

in the of these

aberrant health issues and the toxicological and health effects negotiable realities.

various studies confirming the of endosulfan are equally non-

The hypothesis of the people in the villages, suspecting endosulfan as the causative factor for their various health problems is indeed true and is supported by scientific studies on health effects of endosulfan exposure.

In these circumstances, there is a primary responsibility to acknowledge that there is a problem existing suspected to be caused by endosulfan exposure. It is now a proven fact that endosulfan is capable of causing the health problems as seen in the villages in Kasaragod. It is extremely sad to note the attempts from industry and associated scientists to label endosulfan as a “safe” and “soft” chemical by alienating themselves from new scientific findings and the realities.

What one needs to explore is

what were the overall and specific conditions that led to such a

homicidal exposure to endosulfan

what were the specific and overall mechanism that failed in

preventing such an exposure and consequent health issues

, who were responsible to what extent and how such exposures

and poisoning can be avoided in future

how such a chemical banned/restricted in many countries and

also recommended for restriction in India continued to be so recklessly used

what are the health problems that need to be remediated and

compensated and what is the mechanism for the same

what are the environmental problems that endosulfan use has

triggered and the mechanism for remediation




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