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LMIPPE February 2002

Thanal is a public interest research group and the work on Endosulfan has been time consuming and painful. Time consuming, as there is poor documentation of the data and problems. Painful, especially because the gross injustice has caused irreparable damages and pain to the local population and it was difficult to interact with the affected people with detachment. We cried and felt deep anger when we came back after the days work. There was no reason to support the argument that endosulfan spraying was undertaken as an only option. The endosulfan spraying was based on manufactured assumptions and reasons. The decision was taken without any plant protection concerns but at the instance of advice from Pesticide manufacturers.

The Issue took us close to people who are cheerful and compassionate. They taught us a lot about human values and shared their wisdom. We could share our understanding of toxicology and epidemiology and the scientific methods in

investigating an issue.

They had the faith to face the








could laugh scientists. The

at the private interests of the people gave us food, shelter, took us

organised to houses

and and also

showed the sufferings on the ground. They gave us time answers and shared their wisdom with patience. They helped us to realise our limitations.

Thus we cannot acknowledge the names of each, as there are many. There are farmers, workers, labourers, and people of all age groups, class and caste. We are indebted to them. Panchayth members, cultural organisations, sports clubs, unorganised activists, concerned about their own land and people have been with us through out. We specially acknowledge the support and guidance of doctors from the locality, who were the only solace to the people in all these years of darkness and silent sufferings.

We also thank The Pesticide Action Network of North America, Asia Pacific and United Kingdom, for the extensive support they gave to take our work forward. Participating Organisations of International Platform for Eliminating POPs (IPEN), Jarmila Becka of WWF, Scientists working on Endocrine Disruptors and J.P. Myers one of the authors of “Our Stolen Future” gave us lot of inputs and scientific papers which helped to understand the issue better.

We acknowledge all the above people and the many many others for their help to Thanal and also to the work on Endosulfan. Thus here we are putting in the process that took us to this report.

Thanking one and all, once again.

Thanal Team




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