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A d v i c e g u i d e A d v i c e t h a t m a k e s a d i f f e r e n c e


be subsidised and it could be expensive to replace it if it is lost or damaged

  • whether the handset can be used with other mobile phone companies

  • the quality of the reception in the areas in which you will be using the mobile phone

  • if insurance cover is provided.

Information before you enter the contract

Before entering into a mobile phone contract, on or after 16 September 2009, you must be given certain information either verbally or writing. This includes:

  • the key charges such as the minimum contract charges and any early

termination charges (if any)

  • payment terms

  • the start date of the service

  • termination rights (if any)

  • any minimum period of contract.

If you make the contract over the phone, then you must be sent a copy of this information by letter or e-mail, in good time following the call. A check on your age and/or address will also be carried out. You can be asked for a utility bill, or a copy of your passport or driving licence. You can complain to the outlet, if you have not received this information - see below.

Your rights if the mobile phone or phone service is unsatisfactory

If you have a problem with the phone (handset), it is the seller not the manufacturer or the service provider who is responsible for dealing with your complaint. If you have a problem with your mobile phone service, you will need to contact the person or company that you have a contract with. This will be:

  • the network operator; or

  • the service provider; or

  • the supplier.

Refund If you buy a mobile phone and find that there is a fault with it straight away, you should return it to the trader and ask for a refund. If the problem does not arise until some time later, you would only be entitled to ask for a repair, a replacement or some of your money back.

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