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A d v i c e g u i d e A d v i c e t h a t m a k e s a d i f f e r e n c e


  • you have incurred additional expenses or have suffered inconvenience because of the breach of contract, for example, having to make extra telephone calls or having to post items

  • you have been subject to slamming

  • you have been sold an unfair sales incentive scheme.

Guarantee If the phone was sold with a guarantee, you may have additional rights under the guarantee. The guarantee cannot take away your statutory rights.

How to solve your problem

  • If your problem is about a broken or faulty handset you should contact the outlet and ask for a full refund, a replacement, a free repair, or compensation, and set a time limit.

  • If your problem is about tariffs, billing or coverage you should contact your mobile service provider. If you have not been able to resolve your complaint with the mobile service provider, you may be able to get help from the Ombudsman Services: Communications or from the Communication and Internet Service Adjudication Scheme (CISAS) – see below.

  • If your problem is about the initial sale including mis-selling, slamming or sales incentive schemes you should contact the outlet which sold you the phone. If you feel that your complaint is not being dealt with appropriately by the outlet, you should contact your mobile service provider and ask them to look into the complaint. If you are still not satisfied you can complain to OFCOM - see below.

  • if you are still unable resolve the matter you will have to consider court action. Remember court is your last resort. Before doing so, you need to consider whether you have sufficient evidence. You will have to prove that the company is responsible for the problem.

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