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CMAA 2008 Economic Impact Survey

I. Introduction The purpose of this survey report is to measure the impact of CMAA members in the local, regional and national economy. The survey was conducted as part of the biannual 2008 Club Operations and Financial Data Survey. The survey was developed by CMAA national staff in consultation with Market Connections, Inc., a market research firm. A total of 828 CMAA members participated in the survey, representing a response rate of 36 percent.

The results of the report were cross-tabulated across the domestic clubs managed by CMAA members. The results were analyzed by club type, region, club size and 2007 gross revenue. The projected numbers are the sum of averages, and as such, the projected totals are not the sum of the constituent parts.

NOTE: Due to a change in the method used to project the findings of the 2008 Club Operations and Financial Data Survey across all CMAA member-managed clubs, the 2008 projections cannot be directly compared to the economic impact projections from previous years. A detailed explanation of the methodological approach used to calculate the projections is included in Section XI of this report. Also, for all regional references, please refer to the Appendix on page 15 for a regional breakdown by state.

II. Club Membership CMAA member-managed clubs serve 1.8 million members nationwide, with the highest number of club members in the South (576,071) and in the Northeast (358,343). Country clubs, which are the largest club type among CMAA member clubs, represent approximately half (52 percent) of the members in CMAA member-managed clubs. Other clubs, which include tennis, athletic, university/faculty and resort clubs, constitute one-fifth (21 percent) of the projected national membership, with 388,361 members.

Table 1 shows the projected national membership of CMAA member-managed clubs by region and club type.


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