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by other measures. To begin with, the High Commis- sioner and other senior members of the British mis- sion periodically travel to Kano and meet with both Sheikhs. Often when they do, they are accompanied by important visitors from London, including Members of Parliament and government ministers. That these high ranking officials take the time and effort to meet with them is greatly appreciated by Sheikh Kabara and Sheikh Khalifa, as are the official visits to the UK that the High Commission organizes on their behalf. Dur- ing the course of these trips, both Sheikhs meet with political and religious leaders. Such meetings not only help strengthen Britain’s relations with both men, but also enable the British government to discuss more carefully with them what it wants to achieve in north- ern Nigeria.

Of course, the British High Commission is not alone in pursuing such initiatives. Other missions, in- cluding the U.S. Embassy, adopt similar practices. And for good reason, as the diplomatic value of direct and frequent contact cannot be overemphasised. As well as demonstrating both the U.S. commitment to the Broth- erhoods and desire to work them, such cooperation also bestows on them a degree of prestige as a part- ner of choice of the U.S. Government. Arguably, it is in the area of diplomacy that the U.S. military can make its greatest contributions, as the defense attaché and staff have an important role to play in maintaining and strengthening the U.S. Embassy’s relations with the Brotherhoods.

In addition to this political function, the U.S. mili- tary can also help by offering to reform Nigeria’s secu- rity sector. Without a doubt, the actions of its armed forces and police continue to drive northern Muslims into the open arms of radical Islamic groups. To begin,


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