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Living Math Through History C1U1 Intermediate Level Book List

The Wonderful World of Mathematics by Lancelot Hogben. This is a classic you'll see listed on many math reading lists, older style of writing. Some pictures.

Mathematics: The World of Scienceby Irene Fekete, also older style, more visual than Hogben's book.

More advanced math readers: Pantheon Story of Mathematics For Young People by James T. Rogers The Story of Science, Volume 1 by Joy Hakim

  • Challenge Math for the Elementary and Middle School Student by Ed Zaccaro is an

optional MathFocus resource suggested chapters in all units.

  • 2IMath Activity books suggested in Unit 1, and used in future units, see Parent

Letter for information on what to choose: The Secret Life of Math, by Ann McCallum – for younger kids in this level

Historical Connections In Mathematics by Wilbert and Luetta Reimer: Volume 1 - Pythagoras and Archimedes; Volume 2 – Thales, Volume 3 – Eratosthenes

Mathematics by Irving Adler

Algebra Activities from Many Cultures by Beatrice Lumpkin, there are activities ranging from easy enough for Primary kids to high school level. Most apply to Unit 1, some to Unit 2. Most of these activities are available free online at http://books.google.com/books

Multicultural Mathematics by Claudia Zaslavsky, very good for Intermediate, many of these activities are available free online at http://books.google.com/books

  • Optional Historical Context:

The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer is suggested as optional historical context. Volume 1 is scheduled in this unit.

Ten Kings and the Worlds They Rule by Milton Meltzer

Younger Intermediate Kids: Picture books from the Primary lessons often appeal to younger Intermediate kids and have the benefit of review of easier concepts. Families are encouraged to add these into Intermediate lessons as desired. http://www.livingmath.net/C1PrintableBooklists/tabid/1046/Default.aspx

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