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Living Math Through History C1U1 Intermediate Level Book List

  • The Story of 1 (PBS Home Video/BBC) One hour video on the history of the

number “1” presented with humor by Terry Jones. For all ages. Available at Blockbuster, Netflix and some libraries, or can be viewed online (not as good quality) at YouTube or http://video.google.com/

  • The Story of Money or Smart About History – Money - These are whole book


  • The Warlord's Beads by Virginia Walton Pilegard is a historical fiction picture

book about the invention of the abacus.

All the books in the Warlord series are set in China and are very good, but these are recommended in particular as containing mathematical ideas: The Warlord's Puzzle (tangrams); The Warlord's Alarm (water clock), The Warlord's Messengers (distance calculating), and The Warlord's Puppeteers (ratios).

  • Made in China by Suzanne Williams has nice material if you are blending science

in. ALSO: Science in the Past – Ancient China for younger readers

  • Parent Resource: The Crest of the Peacock, George Gheverghese Joseph,

excellent resource on non-European roots of mathematics, adult level.

  • Video: The PBS video, The Ascent of Money is a very good introduction to how

money came about and how it works in the world today. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/ascentofmoney/

  • Secrets in Stone: All About Maya Hieroglyphs Check the last page for

hieroglyphics stencil master and codes. * Note re Secrets in Stone: refers to Mayan rituals including human sacrifice. It's not sensationalized or illustrated, but it is in the text (page 33). Obviously if you are reading aloud you'll catch this. If you are handing it to your child to read, you may want to be sure they won't be too disturbed by this.

  • +The Story of Clocks and Calendars: Marking a Millennium, by Betsy


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