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Auto Crane products are designed to provide many years of safe, trouble-free, dependable service when properly used and maintained.

alternator with a 500 cold cranking amp battery. These specifications should be considered minimum.

To assist you in obtaining the best service from your crane and to avoid untimely crane and/or vehicle failure, this manual provides the following operating and service instructions. It is specifically recommended that all operating and service personnel consider this manual as mandatory material for reading and study before operating or servicing Auto Crane products. It is highly recommended that crane owners, equipment managers, and supervisors also read this manual.

It has always been Auto Crane Company policy to handle all warranty claims we receive as promptly as possible. If a warranty claim involves discrepant material or workmanship, Auto Crane will take immediate corrective action. It is understandable that Auto Crane Company cannot assume responsibility of liability when it is obvious that our products have been abused, misused, overloaded or otherwise damaged by inexperienced persons trying to operate the equipment without reading the manual.

Auto Crane has incorporated several safety features in the 4004EH crane for your protection.

Auto Crane will not assume responsibility or liability for any modifications or changes made to unit, or installation of component parts without authorization.

For your convenience the overall dimensions of the 4004EH crane are included on the General Dimension Drawing. Rotation and turning radius are also listed on that drawing.

Remember, the crane adds weight to the vehicle. Adding weight may change the driving and riding characteristics of the vehicle unless the appropriate overload spring(s) are installed on the truck. The payload of the vehicle is reduced by the weight of the crane. The operator should exercise care when loading the vehicle. Distributing the payload on the vehicle evenly will greatly improve the driving and riding characteristics of the vehicle.

Auto Crane maintains a strong distributor network and a knowledgeable Customer Service Department. In most cases, an equipment problem is solved via phone conversation with our customer service department. The customer service department also has the ability to bring a local distributor, a regional sales manager, or a factory serviceman into the solution of an equipment problem.

If, through no fault of Auto Crane Company, it is necessary to send an experienced factory serviceman on a field service call the rates stated in the Auto Crane Distributor's Flat Rate Manual will apply.

Auto Crane Company issues a limited warranty certificate with each unit sold. See last page for warranty.

The 4004EH cranes are attached directly to your 12 volt truck electrical system. The 4004EH is another highly efficient Auto Crane product. The use of a maintenance- free battery is not recommended on any Auto Crane product. The recommended alternator and battery that will give the longest life with the most useful duty cycle is a 75-amp

Auto Crane Company's extensive Research and Development Program allow our customers to use the best equipment on the market. Our Engineering Staff and our knowledgeable sales people are always available to our customers in solving crane and winch-type application problems. When in doubt, call the Auto Crane factory.

Note: This manual should remain with the crane at all times.



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