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    Always store the crane in its stowed position for transportation.

  • 32.

    Remember the overall height of the entire unit for garage door clearance or when moving under objects with low overhead clearance

  • 33.

    Disengage power takeoff (PTO) before moving the vehicle.

  • 34.

    Always walk around the vehicle before moving.

  • 35.

    Never drive with a load suspended from crane.

  • 36.

    Do not take your eyes off a moving load. Look in the direction you are moving.

  • 37.

    Never swing a load over people.

  • 38.

    Do not stop the load sharply in midair so that it swings like a pendulum. Meter the control levers to avoid this situation.

  • 39.

    Crane boom length should be kept as short as possible for maximum lifting capacity and greater safety. Longer booms require additional care in accelerating and decelerating the swing motion, and thus slow down the working cycle and reduce productivity.

  • 40.

    Keep the load directly and vertically under the boom point at all times. Crane booms are designed to handle vertical loads, not side lifts.

WARNING: Never attempt to lift, drag, tow or pull a load from the side. The boom can fail far below its rated capacity.

  • 41.

    Do not push down on anything with boom extensions; similarly do not lift anything with boom extensions.

  • 42.

    Do not lift personnel with any wire rope attachment or hook. There is no implied warranty or responsibility for such purposes.

  • 43.

    WARNING: In using a safety hook, ALWAYS close the hook throat before lifting a load. Proper attention and common sense applied to the use of the hook and various slings will prevent possible damage to material being hoisted and may prevent injury to personnel.

  • 44.

    WARNING: Never place a chain link on the tip of the hook and try to lift a load with the hoist.

  • 45.

    WARNING: Never use a sling bar or anything larger than the hook throat which could prevent the safety latch from closing, thus negating the safety feature.

  • 46.

    Do not wrap the wire rope around sharp objects when using winch.

  • 47.

    WARNING: Never unreel last 5 wraps of cable from drum.



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