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WARNING! Federal law (49 cfr part 571) requires that the Final Stage Manufacturer of a vehicle certify that the vehicle complies with all applicable federal regulations. Any modifications performed on the vehicle prior to the final state are also considered intermediate stage manufacturing and must be certified as to compliance. The installer of this crane and body is considered one of the manufacturers of the vehicle. As such a manufacturer, the installer is responsible for compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations, and is required to certify that the vehicle is in compliance.

WARNING! It is the further responsibility of the installer to comply with the OSHA Truck Crane Stability Requirements as specified by 29 CFR part 1910.180 (C) (1).

WARNING! NEVER OPERATE THE CRANE NEAR ELECTRICAL POWER LINES! Death or serious injury will result from boom, line, or load contacting electric lines. Do not use crane within 10 feet (3.05m) of electric power lines carrying up to 50,000 volts. One-foot additional clearance is required for every additional 30,000 volts or less. SEE DANGER DECAL (P/N 040529) in this Owner's Manual.

WARNING! NEVER......................................... EXCEED load chart capacities (centerline of rotation to hoist hook). Un-reel last 5 wraps of cable from drum! Wrap cable around load! Attempt to lift or drag a load from the side! The boom can fail far below its rated capacity. Weld, modify, or use unauthorized components on any Auto Crane unit! This will void any

warranty or liability. Also failure of the crane may result. Place a chain link on the tip of the hook and try to lift a load! Use a sling bar or anything larger than the hook throat that could prevent the hook latch from

closing, thus negating the safety feature! Hold on any pendant Select Switch that will cause unsafe operating conditions!

WARNING! In using a hook with latch, ALWAYS make sure that the hook throat is closed before lifting a load! Proper attention and common sense applied to the use of the hoist hook and various slings will prevent possible damage to material being hoisted and may prevent injury to personnel.

WARNING! Failure to correctly plumb and wire crane can cause inadvertent operation and damage to crane and/or personnel!

WARNING! Auto Crane Company remote controlled cranes are not designed or intended for use for any applications involving the lifting or moving of personnel.

WARNING! ALWAYS operate the crane in compliance with the load capacity chart. DO NOT USE the overload shutdown device to determine maximum rated loads, if the crane is equipped with this type of device.



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