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Crow Canyon ("CC") Announces Publication of Leaving Mesa Verde - Peril and Change in the Thirteenth Century Southwest, published by U. of Arizona Press, edited by Timothy Kohler, Prof at Washington State University ("WSU") and a CC research associate; Mark Varien, CC vice president. of programs; and Aaron Wright, a Ph.D. student at WSU and a fellow at the Cntr. for Desert Archae- ology. (Summary, Hisatsinom Newsletter, Oct. 2010)

This book examines the depopulation of the northern South West with a focus on the Mesa Verde region. Find out more about it at http://www.imakenews.com/crowcanyon1/e_article.

Landscapes on Glass, by Jack Turner chronicles lantern slides with a partial biography of Turner's maternal grandfather Ansel Franklin Hall (1894-1962). (Summary, Durango Herald, June 1, 2010)

Lantern slides were the forerunners of 35 mm slides -- like transparent digital prints that can be projected onto a screen. Their imaging process used a glass plate coated with photo- graphic emulsion, exposed to light, then covered with a second piece of glass for protection, masked and sealed. The resulting 3-inch by 4-inch photos were projected using a device such as a kerosene lamp and later a light bulb. Hall was a photographer and a forest ranger at 14. He was the first chief naturalist of the National Park Service; a Yosemite museum founder; and general manager of Mesa Verde National Park. Turner's book discusses the time his grandpar- ent helped finance the Rainbow Bridge-Monument Expedition, from 1933-38, which included mapping and surveying a major portion of the South Western U.S. and involved geologists, bota- nists, ecologists, anthropologists and archaeologists. In addition to gathering data about ancient Puebloans and their legacy, the expedition recorded photographically the landscape in all its splendor: from mesas and buttes to canyons and rivers, natural wonders like Rainbow Bridge and spires and peaks of the future national parks.

Eric Twitty's Basins of Silver: The Story of Silverton, Colorado's Las Animas Mining Dis- trict, Western Reflections Pub. Co. (Summary, Durango Herald, August 8, 2008)

This book describes that the bulk of mining has always been hardscrabble survival, espe- cially in remote places like the Las Animas Mining District near Silverton.

Clovis Technology (International Monographs in Prehistory, Archaeological Series 17), published by Faculty at Texas St. U. (Summary, San Marcos Daily Record)

This book on stone and bone tool technologies of the Clovis culture of 13,500 years ago, is the first complete examination of the tools themselves and how the Clovis culture used them and transmitted their production. It covers the Clovis culture's making and use of stone handles, bi-faces and small tools as well as artifacts such as projectile points, rods, daggers, awls, nee- dles, handles, hooks and ornaments made from bone, ivory, antler and teeth. For more informa- tion see http://tinyurl.com/clovis-tech

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