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Sensors & Transducers Journal, Vol. 113, Issue 2, February 2010, pp. 1-17

6. Conclusion

In this review article, attempts have been made to highlight how nanomaterials or nanostructured materials like PS, Si nanoparticles, and QDs are being used as highly efficient biosensors for several biomedical applications. Inorganic nanocrystals or QDs have been used in nano scale computing for the past several years. These crystals dissolve in water and fluoresce when exposed to light radiation, and are usable as markers or trackers in biological recognition events. However, these QDs have toxic effects and therefore, are unsuitable for in vivo applications. In contrast, PS and Si nanoparticles are non-toxic and are easily removed from the body without leaving any trace of harmful effect. They are very effective as a biosensor/transducer material and because of their luminescence properties and strong biocompatibility, they have wide applications in drug delivery systems and in the design of biomedical implants. Other research endeavors aiming at producing low cost sensor material are currently being explored.



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