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WLG210: French II

In this continuing introduction to French, students deepen their focus on four key skills in foreign language acquisition: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. A continuing storyline introduces and reinforces new vocabulary, while activities prompt students to analyze meaning from context, and then to reproduce new vocabulary items in functional real-life oral expression. Additional verb tenses and idiomatic expressions are also introduced. As in French I, students learn grammar through supplemental texts supplying traditional charts, tables, and explanations.

Course length: Two semesters

Materials: Larousse Student French-English/English-French Dictionary

Prerequisites: WLG110: French I, or equivalent

seMester one Part 1

  • Video: Getting Started

  • Adventure 1.1.1

  • Grammar: Present and Past Tense Review of French I

  • Vocabulary: Verb List

  • Focus on a Scene

  • Explore Everyday Verbs

  • Test Yourself on Everyday Verbs

  • Chatter at a Royal Ball

  • Practice Communication Vocabulary

  • Grammar: Adjectives That Precede the Noun: B.A.N.G.S. - Review French I

  • Vocabulary: Verb List

  • People in History

  • Focus on the Language

  • Practice Around the House Vocabulary

  • Historical Vocabulary In French

  • Focus on Action

  • Grammar: Choisi , Orir and Other -ir verbs: Review of French I

  • Vocabulary: Ordinal Numbers, Numbers Review 1-1000, Introduce 1000 - 1 Billion

  • Practice Vegetables Vocabulary

  • Practice Animal Vocabulary

  • Adventure 1.1.2

  • Grammar: Interrogative Adjective Quel

  • Vocabulary: Food

  • A Geography Lesson

  • Practice Bathroom Items Vocabulary

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • Grammar: Indirect and Direct Object Pronouns Lui and Leur

  • Vocabulary: Health

  • Describe How People Feel

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