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IEEE 1547 will provide little guidance on network interconnection outside of spot networks. Distribution Secondary Spot Networks 3

Network protectors shall not be used to separate, switch, serve as breaker failure backup or in any manner isolate a network or network primary feeder to which DR is connected from the remainder of the Area EPS, unless the protectors are rated and tested per applicable standards for such an application.

Any DR installation connected to a spot network shall not cause operation or prevent reclosing of any network protectors installed on the spot network. This coordination shall be accomplished without requiring any changes to prevailing network protector clearing time practices of the Area EPS.

Connection of the DR to the Area EPS is only permitted if the Area EPS network bus is already energized by more than 50% of the installed network protectors.

The DR output shall not cause any cycling of network protectors.

The network equipment loading and fault interrupting capacity shall not be exceeded with the addition of DR.

DR installations on a spot network, using an automatic transfer scheme in which load is transferred between the DR and the EPS in a momentary make-before-break operation, shall meet all the requirements of this clause regardless of the duration of parallel.

3 When required by the authority who has jurisdiction over the DR interconnection, a study may be conducted to determine that all of the requirements of this clause can be met when the aggregate DR installed on a spot network exceeds 5% of the spot network’s maximum load.”

IEEE 1547 only covers spot networks, secondary grid networks may be included in future revisions.

IEEE 1547.2 is a guidebook that is under development and may cover network interconnection.  

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Source:  IEEE 1547, Draft 10

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